Podcast Episode 4: The Bigger Picture of Fitness with Jason Ralya

Jason Ralya is a strength and conditioning coach who works with athletes in a variety of different sports. This interview provides some good insight if you’re thinking about getting involved in fitness or for anyone who is looking for how to develop themselves into a greater version to become a better individual. You’ll learn more about goal setting and self-development to help you transform to that next level when we often get in our own way.

Podcast Episode 3: Performance Pressures as a Female Strength Competitor with Liz Carpenter

Elizabeth Carpenter is a strength athlete who has competed in various sports including weightlifting, strongman and powerlifting. In this interview, we dive into her fitness background and how she evolved into the athlete she is today. We discuss and offer solutions to adversity we’ve faced as women who lift weights and, more specifically, pressures of being competitive female athletes. Finally, we wrap up talking about investments you have to assess when competing that those getting involved in these sports might not be aware of initially.