Episode 44: Tapping into the Power of Deep Rest with Courtney Bishop

In a society that expects you to always be on, doing, and productive, rest can be seen as a radical, revolutionary act. If you’re someone who often lets rest and relaxation fall to the back-burner of your to-do list, this episode has been made for you! Yoga Nidra, also known as NSDR or non-sleep deep rest is a self-care practice which originated in India and has been developed for over thousands of years. It’s been gaining traction and coming closer to the spotlight in the West over the last couple years and it is my goal with this episode to continue bringing light to the gift that is Yoga Nidra.

Episode 43: Learning to Live with Clarity & Ease with Courtney Bishop

Courtney Bishop takes you through a guided meditation to help you feel into the depths of life, be fulfilled by it, and therefore able to give from overflow within your craft. You’ll walk away from this episode with a greater sense of clarity, connection, and ease as you approach the rest of your day, week, and even year.

Episode 40: Discovering Your Self Through Nutrition – A Guided Practice – with Courtney Bishop

Courtney illuminates a perspective on how to approach eating and your relationship with food that is not widely discussed in strength and conditioning circles.  Many athletes see nutrition as a vehicle to achieving a better outcome in their sport, whether that’s physique and/or performance related. And while common nutrition approaches (i.e. tracking calories and/or macronutrients, keto, intermittent fasting, plant-based, nutrient timing) are effective at producing desired outcomes like gaining muscle mass and losing body fat, there is a holistic perspective that is largely missed en route to said outcomes. Tune in to learn something new for yourself, and to use with clients to aid them in their process AND goals.