You’re Trippin!

What is tripping?

In the slang use, tripping is when someone is acting out of the norm which society has defined them. It could be defined as overreacting and making a deal out of something small. Viewed as crazy, disorderly, out of their element.

They say “you’re trippin” or “you’ve changed.” But how do they know you haven’t changed for the better?

Where do you seek advice?

Why do we not make the time for introspection, for those who have it? Many find other ways to address deeper issues: find social activities to mask with, or addictive substances. Or maybe they look to their partner/friends for talk therapy. Even still, these people may have your best interest at heart, but THEY are not YOU. Only you know how you feel, and what is occurring in your mind. They may THINK they know, but unless you’re 100% completely honest and vulnerable, there will be things which you need to face and be honest with yourself about, so you can address yourself.