Reese’s cups, but healthy!! πŸ‘

So chocolate and peanut butter combined is a beautiful thing. A simple combo and when it’s healthy, I’m all in. Check it out….


For this recipe, it was super simple to put together and enjoyed it right before bed As a snack!

Combine 1 scoop of protein powder with 5 tbsp water. Stir well and pour into cupcake wrappers, filling them halfway up. Throw in freezer about 30-45 min. Remove and add a little peanut butter on top, then pour remaining batter over the top. Mine made about 4 mini Reese’s, which would probably be equivalent to about 2 regular cupcakes! Throw in freezer for another 30-45 min then enjoy when done! You can even add a little stevia to the protein powder mixture to sweeten it up even more if you’d like! Let me know what you think!

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