Episode 10: Unreal Fitness

In this episode, I talk with co-owners, Jay and Max, about why they decided to open a gym in Grand Rapids, MI where members have the freedom to train how they want and when they want! Unreal has been hailed as the gym where members can go to become the best version of themselves, offering a community of individuals dedicated to educating and empowering one another.

In the interview, we dive into the owner’s personal experiences as athletes and gym owners. Specifically we touch on how their training has evolved overtime, what advice they would give to those wanting to better their physical health, and what they’ve learned in their adventures as business owners.. the most rewarding and challenging aspects! If you are someone looking to better your health, thinking about starting your own business, or getting involved in a competitive strength sport, you will find some good nuggets in this interview. We also go down some other rabbit holes and keep it pretty authentic and Unreal. 😉 Give it a listen, leave a review, subscribe, and/or share if you enjoy!

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