Love coffee, hate the sugar packed creamer?

I love a good cup of coffee to start my morning, but the creamer isn’t usually very “clean eating” friendly. Filled with sugar and carbs and fats… Not ideal. But with flavors like thin mint and French vanilla, it makes our coffee taste more like dessert in a cup. I have found a great idea to still give you that decadent delight in the morning, but will spare you some calories for the same flavor! Morning made! So what do I do? Protein powder. Simply blend about 8 grams and 2 oz of milk (I use unsweetened almond milk) , then add to coffee. Sometimes I add a half packet of stevia depending on what kind of protein powder I use. This morning I used cookies and cream and it was SO good! You can use more or less of each ingredient depending on how strong/weak of a coffee flavor you like. The reason I mix with milk before adding the protein powder straight to the coffee is so it doesn’t clump. If you use protein powder often, you know this happens. Anyway, possibilities are endless with all the flavors of protein out there! (Mint chocolate chip would resemble thin mint creamer! 😍) I would explore other options like chocolate almond milk too. Yum! 👍


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