Oh What A Time, To Be Alive – Reflecting

The past few weeks as I looked back on the year, there were feelings of not really accomplishing everything I set out to do. Being relentless can leave us feeling this way. Never satisfied. However, we are all our own worst critic. Much has been accomplished in 2015 and for that I am grateful. The pros definitely outweigh the cons this year. (SWOT Analysis ftw from the business major in me) However it’s human nature to the make the next year better. The mission of 2016 is action, no regrets. 

How will I take action this year? By voicing my goals. When you publicly make your goals known, it holds you accountable because you don’t want to be the person who doesn’t stay true to their word. We need to have the courage to push forward and not stay in our comfort zone. Hell, this is obvious from a fitness aspect, now time to apply to life. 

As far as growth, reading/podcasts will be my number one priority in 2016. If you can teach yourself to enjoy reading/absorbing info, the learning is endless. School isn’t necessary these days with the amount of information we have access to. Prioritize your time and find discipline to devote yourself to learning. 

So that’s my plan. Make myself accountable and educate myself in more areas to challenge myself to grow..be it in fitness, career, relationships, whatever. Let’s fucking do this, 2016.


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