What Matters To You?

What matters to you? In other words, who or what do you love?

Is it family? Your career? Your health?

What about the love for yourself?

Accept love from others and watch it manifest within you. To invest in yourself is one of the wisest decisions to make. We must not view it in a selfish light, but rather a necessary one. By investing and taking time to truly know yourself, you will become more valuable as an individual which will impact others areas of your life listed above like your family, career and health.

To follow a journey which has meaning and to live authentically to who you are; This is what it’s all about. Are you living true to that meaning? Be the example and others will follow. It will inspire and show them that they too, can manage a life well lived. The point of the game of life is to play, and not in a sense to compete, but to actually be fulfilled by how you play to make a contribution. Like a child who is carefree and doing as they please. Are you going to play by your rules or someone else’s?

There can be much searching involved in this process. You will probably venture outside your comfort zone to face truth within yourself. But taking different path, test and assess what works. Asking yourself questions like, out of my past experiences, what feels like home? Take time to reflect and truly listen. Then, follow that gut feeling and let it take you to amazing places. You can always switch your course; we are never stuck.

And in this process, you may find that you hit lows and it didn’t go as planned. But being able to adapt is what it’s all about. The lows will bring you to the highs. It comes full circle. We do not control reality, we control how we respond to reality. You never know what is out there if you don’t try. So try and fail, and then try again. Make the decision to invest in you. Explore and become curious, in order to discover your greater potential.

When you can be honest with yourself and liberate yourself from the suffering and things which are holding you back, you will begin to feel so alive. This is living true to oneself. And only you know your truth. Pursue your authenticity.

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