Embrace the Pain

Something I wrote a couple weeks back. Have had several conversations with others in the past couple weeks where this topic is a recurring theme, so I figured I would share it. Maybe it will resonate with you. 😊

Love is acceptance. Of self, and of others. Peace of mind requires peace of body. Doesn’t mean you love your body but it does mean acceptance. This is just an analogy to help you see.

Coaches, and this term can be applied loosely, have the power to change a persons life. And there is fulfillment in this because you’re literally changing the way people think and helping them determine their future of who they want to become. Self improvement of the physical, but ends up being improvement in something more important, the mind.

This point of realizing one’s potential and creating greatness is normally experienced after one has suffered through the lows. The lows referring to a point of discomfort or general dissatisfaction. The pain builds character, challenges you, and puts you face to face with defeat. Some let the pain rule over them and slip further into pity. But to others, it fuels them and they use these lessons to provide motivation. Will you overcome these moments to reach the high? To open your eyes and truly see what resides within you?

Passions often stem from pain. We chase our passions because they hold emotional attachment to us. We don’t ever want to see someone suffer through what we had to go through because we know what it feels like. This develops empathy, a powerful trait to possess. Some of the greatest creations stem from the darkest moments of suffering. 

To relieve oneself of suffering, self help or positive support is required to provide individual development which allows one to help themselves, and eventually, to help others escape this less than ideal path. And through this recovery phase, the passion is developed.

Not only does self help provide the opportunity to help others, it now becomes one’s duty to continue to follow the curiosity of the passion. Following this route is what makes people come alive in life. ALWAYS push those towards what they feel most drawn to. This is what one is meant for. Not only to provide fulfillment and satisfy self interest of the individual, but because it will be where they perform their best work and therefore it is in the best interest of the society as a whole as well. Don’t settle for the safe route. Do the thing that scares you. 

Through suffering, we also can develop grit and skill which provides a feeling of empowerment and confidence. When an individual develops self efficacy, they become aware of their capabilities. How can one not become more courageous  through practicing self betterment?

Passions, or curiosities you pursue, hold emotional connection. Therefore, they provide you with empathy to help others suffering in these areas as well. When there is autonomy and purposeful connection to your work, you will be driven to master it and therefore, it will be the work that best suits not only you, but society as a whole. 

It’s funny how things come together full circle. It’s all part of the game of life. To discover the mission we were placed here to fulfill. And once it’s discovered, be all in. The world is yours. 🌎

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