Social Experiment

I went to a networking event of young professionals a couple months back, more so as a social experiment but also to… well, network. Instead of the normal questions you ask in this setting, I switched it up. I asked people questions like, “What hobbies do you enjoy doing? What do you do for fun or find yourself doing in your spare time?” Although it was kind of strange to ask, it was funny how people started discussing these topics which they were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about. Like a craft they’ve mastered.

Then I proceeded to ask, “So what do you do for a living?” It was crazy how their careers or degrees were so far off from what they enjoyed. The cues of their nonverbals, tone of speaking,  and actual responses were much less animated compared to those which they previously discussed with me. It’s interesting to see the disconnect in these two areas. And this was exactly the anecdotal evidence I needed to see and hear.

How can we bridge this gap? How can we encourage others to design the life they want?

I say chase your curiosities and create something meaningful to you to pursue.

Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry, my friends.


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