Continuously find the good each day. Challenge yourself. If it scares you, follow it. Don’t compare. It’s no one’s journey but your own and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Work in silence. Timing will expose what you manifest. And as long as you go after what you envision, it will be beautiful. Because it will be produced and created by YOU, no one else. Which means it will bring you great appreciation. Take risks, assess. If it works, pursue it. If not, adapt. Failure is not permanent, unless you give up. Stay calm and persistent.

The more we put thought into stressing over stress or worrying about something we fear, rather than just taking action, the more powerful it becomes to control us rather than us controlling it. There is no point in wasting energy being concerned with the unknown or a made up story we are telling ourselves. Face it rather than letting it build. Control what you can control.

Recognize when something is bigger than you, and fulfill that duty.

Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry.

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