Living Life to the Fullest

On Death and Following Your Path


The quickest way to become proactive is to remind ourselves of death. It may sound dark  but when we remind ourselves of how short life is, we become anxious to strive towards what will bring us the most happiness.  Therefore, our goals are dependent on the amount of time you have on this earth to pursue them. Death can also be viewed as humbling, as it can remind us of how life can suddenly escape us. And therefore, we are again motivated to as many would say “live life to the fullest.”

You can view death as something that is bound to happen and cease your life which will make you feel obligated to achieve all you want within this one lifetime because this life is all we have. Or you can embrace death as a means to passing onto another universe or life, which is unknown, and see it as exciting. You have finished this life but do not fear because what is to come could be something astonishing. Either way you view this topic it’s important to remember that one way or another we must feel this current life is fulfilling and meaningful.

Many people fear death, even though having lived a long time. There are still things in which they feel they did not have the time to accomplish. Things they regret not taking action on and things in which they feel they missed out on. The last thing you want is to regret.  Listen to your mind and develop the brain and heart connection to follow the path most natural to you. This can be in relationships, health, work, or whatever you imagine. Follow the flow of what you’re drawn to and see where it leads. What you find might awe, and drag you towards the direction of your duty. However, if it does not feel like home, find yourself again and come back to the right path. Use a mix of reason and intuition, and you will know. And if you don’t know, perhaps you need more time to understand yourself.

Death can teach us to connect to the most important things in life. Of these things are the power of relationships, presence, love, acceptance, transformation and humility. Live and let live.

Stay curious, stay creative, stay hungry, my friends.

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