What Makes you Come Alive?

I recently wrote an article over at De Novo Nutrition on the topic of why you should simply do what makes you come alive.


Have you ever reached a point in your life where you feel all alone? Like you are different from other people and simply can’t relate?  Maybe you feel like you should conform to society to please others and fit in?  Yet, it peeves you to be like them because you know you aren’t truly happy adopting the status quo? You feel like you resonate with very few until you come across relatable individuals you can associate with and who bring you joy. Suddenly you realize maybe you are not like a lot of people, but by having a select group that understands you, you’re justified to be exactly who you want to be. You feel liberated to identify with a persona which feels completely natural, rather than just putting on a mask for society. This state of authentic living creates an environment of peace where you can be your true self and not have to do things for approval of others. Maybe you find this in fitness, a community with a shared interest, or some close friends. But once you reach this state, you feel content.  No longer do you feel a need to surround or occupy yourself with people or activities which do not align with YOUR vision. This is where you realize your new life begins, one which is not consumed in behaviors just to be putting on a show for society.

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