Episode 45: Filling Your Inner Child with Bliss with Courtney Bishop

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In a culture hyper-focused on productivity, performance, and pressure to excel, play can be seen as a waste of time. Why would you waste your precious time and energy goofing off when you could be striving towards your goals?

As children, play is something that comes natural to you. You aren’t taught to do it, it’s just something you do! As you come of age, you’re sent to school, work, maybe to college, and are taught to be a productive and responsible member of society. Play becomes a thing of the past.

Overtime, agitation and stress begin to build up. You feel spread thin, like you can’t keep up with your never ending to-do list, leaving you rushed, bitter, and with no time to do what you actually love!

Tune into this episode to remember what it means to play, something you were born to do!

(00:00) Podcast Intro
(00:36) Episode Intro
(01:14) The Reason You Feel Spread Thin
(02:39) You were born to Play
(03:25) Remembering the Magic in the Mundane: The Curious, Flexible, & Expansive Self
(06:18) The Pressure that Keeps you from Playing: The Rushing, Rigid, & Limiting Self
(07:18) Learning to let go, flow, and follow your bliss
(09:27) What does it take to perform at your highest potential?
(11:12) How can you flow with the music, the dance of life, and let your inner child shine?
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Ep 25: Pioneering Your Path through Play with Kellen Milad https://open.spotify.com/episode/16aPJPxdDI57wPiRRvOIqo?si=Ws-o8FSHQWO0qOcyMCvlGw

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We were all created to offer something unique to the world. Hosted by High Performance Coach, Courtney Bishop, The Pursuit of Authenticity Podcast emerged from a passion in fitness, and developed into a deeper fascination with mindset, human behavior, and philosophy to focus on the bigger picture. As a Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Trauma-informed Yoga teacher, and mindfulness educator, Courtney provides insightful episodes to guide you to realize your potential; physically, mentally and emotionally. Expect to hear from many inspiring guests who have discovered what can happen when you take the time to find and pursue your gifts. Follow along and begin your journey to The Pursuit of Authenticity. You have the answers inside of you of who you were created to be. Your highest potential, your most authentic self, awaits.

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