Episode 37: Coming back into Wholeness Through Reiki with Monica Reyna

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Monica Reyna (one of my most magical friends!) comes on the show to share her gifts with the POA fam. As a Mom of two daughters, Reiki Master Teacher, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, Spiritual guide and life coach, she has quite an array of experience. We discuss topics like surrendering to your process, saying thank you for your challenges, and being a full body YES to your gifts! Whether you’re someone looking to – manage stress & relieve past pain and suffering, dive deeper into your spiritual journey to embody a more vibrant being, or broaden your toolbelt as a new coach, you’ll walk away from this episode with a unique blend of resources to step out of feeling scattered & overwhelmed to arrive at a more wholesome, authentic, and lively version of who you really are.

Head over to Instagram after you listen and share with the community.. what was your biggest takeaway from Episode 37 with Monica? Check out the links below to listen to past episodes with other Mindful School of Yoga teachers, access alllll the resources we discussed, and connect with Monica!

Thank you SO much for tuning in and see you in the next episode!

Podcast Intro
(00:37) Episode Intro
(01:09) Our spiritual journey with Mindful School of Yoga and Monica’s mission as a healer
(08:57) Finding Reiki & stepping deeper into Holistic Healing for relief
(21:52) What is Reiki? Common benefits?
(36:00) Saying thank you for your challenges
(36:58) Amplifying the benefits of Reiki within yourself after a session (suggested practice to try-on!)
(40:29) Monica’s unique offerings explained: Emotion coding and Mediumship
(46:23) Reducing sensitivity and overwhelm to others energy in public
(51:02) Working with children via Reiki & Energy Healing
(54:56) Putting yourself first, as a parent and otherwise
(1:03:24) Studying Reiki – what to consider before choosing your teacher?
(1:08:01) Sound Therapy – what is it? what attracted Monica to it?
(1:11:59) Monica’s Upcoming Book and how it surfaced
(1:19:30) Recommended Reading & Biggest Influences
(1:25:05) Staying balanced & Monica’s profound guiding principle
(1:33:57) Connect with Monica – online or in person
(1:35:47) Join the conversation on IG, apply for coaching, and sign up for Monday Minutes!

Abraham Hicks https://www.abraham-hicks.com/
Dr. Shefali Tsabari https://institute.drshefali.com/
A Course in Miracles https://acim.org/
A Year of Forgiveness https://www.amazon.com/Year-Forgiveness-Miracles-Lessons-Commentary/dp/1622330765
Come As You Are https://www.amazon.com/Come-You-Are-Surprising-Transform/dp/1476762090
The Book of Joy https://www.amazon.com/Book-Joy-Lasting-Happiness-Changing/dp/0399185046
The Four Agreements https://www.miguelruiz.com/the-four-agreements
What Happened to You https://www.amazon.com/What-Happened-You-Understanding-Resilience/dp/1250223180
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