Episode 33: Opening the Door to Longevity via Bodyweight Fitness with Steven Low

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Steven Low, Author of Overcoming Gravity, Overcoming Tendonitis and Overcoming Poor Posture, holds a plethora of knowledge due to thousands of hours of research around bodyweight training as a practitioner, Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Former Gymnast, Coach, and Consultant. As a strength training enthusiast and someone interested in learning more about this style of training, you won’t want to miss this one!

In the episode, you’ll learn how Steven got involved in bodyweight training, or bodyweight fitness (BWF), common misconceptions around BWF, if and when BWF is appropriate for you, programming differences between BWF and barbell training, Steven’s advice for new and aspiring strength and wellness coaches, and what’s on the horizon for his work.

We discuss the premise and main takeaways of each of his three books, and give insight into how to structure a bodyweight training program as a novice or intermediate trainee. You’ll walk away feeling more resourceful and equipped to not only navigate current roadblocks, but how Steven’s work can open the doors to progression for a lifetime and finding more freedom in your movement journey.

Overcoming Gravity has been like a bible for me as a Strength and Wellness Coach and I highly recommend picking it up, or checking out his other books if they speak to you! Be sure to check out his website for all the FREE info he’s put on there, as well as the reddit forums where he’s answered over 100’s of questions!

(00:00) Podcast Intro
(00:37) Episode Intro
(01:09) How Courtney became familiar with Steve’s work
(02:43) Steven’s sport background with gymnastics, parkour, and climbing
(14:12) Where does barbell training fit in with bodyweight training?
(19:50) How Steven landed in Physical Therapy and Coaching, his training setbacks & the start of researching BWF
(29:38) Common Misconceptions around BWF
(32:07) Is BWF easier than barbell training? Which training style is right for you and when?
(42:32) Programming differences between bodyweight and barbell training
(47:17) Takeaways from the book, Overcoming Gravity
(01:03:07) Structuring a BWF routine (novice & intermediate)
(01:13:53) Practical takeaways from the book, Overcoming Tendonitis
(01:26:56) Practical takeaways from the book, Overcoming Poor Posture
(01:32:56) Steven’s Coaching and Training/Injury Consultation Services + What’s on the Horizon for his work
(01:36:48) Advice for new and aspiring Strength and Wellness Coaches, and recommended reading


The Science and Practice of Strength Training (2nd ed) by Zatsiorsky
Periodization for Sports by Bompa
Becoming a Supple Leopard by Starrett

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