Episode 16: Pushing Past Limits with Taylor Gohn

Taylor Gohn is a former wrestler, current strongman athlete, and strength coach located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After dabbling in lifting as a means of going up a weight class for wrestling in college, he was bit by the iron bug and never looked back. Finding his passion for strength training sparked a hunger in Taylor; fueling him to continually practice and seek out mentorship to become the best strength athlete and coach he can be; from programming methods and nutritional habits to recovery techniques for performance. In this episode, we discuss lessons Taylor has learned as an athlete in wrestling and strength training thus far that he uses to guide clients on their journey in strength.

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3:21 Taylor’s introduction to wrestling

12:30 Lessons learned through wrestling; knowing how to push past pain and when to listen to your body

16:30 The road to high school nationals for wrestling; building discipline, drive, and a winning mindset

18:54 The end of college wrestling and start of a journey in strength training

22:05 Injuries are part of the game; having guidance to figure out the root of the problem and having a plan to rebuild trust in the body and overcome injury is critical 

33:40 How Taylor got into strongman and the growth of competition within strength sports. Inspirations in Strongman: Brian Shaw and Bill Kazmaier.

41:04 What preparing for a Strongman show entails? The events, a glimpse into nutrition, time frame to prep, mindset, etc. 

55:30 Superstitions as an athlete…

1:00:18 Coaching high school versus college athletes

1:04:39 Transitioning from high school or college athlete to “real life” after a sport is done 

1:09:27 Bro, Listen to This: New podcast with Ben Pollack, Dakota Carlson, and Taylor Gohn talking about character development built through a lifestyle in strength training

1:11:47 Recommended reading: Victory! Being Mentally Tough On and Off the Mat by Steve Fraiser 

1:14:45 Getting ready for a powerlifting meet if you are new to PL

1:19:07 Favorite experiences Taylor has had as a strength coach

1:22:40 Challenges faced as a coach, transforming a losing mindset to a winning mindset and coaching teams versus 1:1 clients

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