Episode 15: A Healing Touch

Jamilah Tuuk is a massage therapist and bodyworker located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She founded her business, A Healing Touch Transformational Bodywork, LLC, in 2010 after experiencing chronic pain throughout her youth and finding her passion for holistic health. Since opening the business, Jamilah has continuously educated herself on a variety of healing techniques that we discuss in the episode to guide, educate, and serve clients on their journey of self-care.

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2:23 What sparked Jamilah’s interest in holistic health and her experience of chronic pain in middle school

6:07 Jamilah’s first steps to opening A Healing Touch: attending massage school

8:21 What is craniosacral therapy?

12:26 Other techniques Jamilah has studied: Myofascial release, pelvic balancing, trigger point massage

15:36 What does the curriculum and timeframe for massage therapy school look like? Additional techniques Jamilah has learned: lymphatic draining, cupping, taping, TMJ (trigger point in mouth)

20:28 What does the lymphatic drainage process look like?

25:00 The process of deciding which technique to employ on a new client

27:08 Jamilah’s training through Mindful School of Yoga and Yoga Tune Up, personal growth and alignment focused training

29:49 You gotta feel it to heal it. -Jamilah

36:09 What is on the horizon for A Healing Touch, the process of working with clients, and personal training versus massage therapy. Performance versus pain management, how they are not exclusive.

41:20 How mindfulness and meditation can help with pain.

43:35 Where is A Healing Touch located, what is the atmosphere like, and how is Jamilah’s approach to healing different?

47:42 Influences on Jamilah’s approach: John Upledger, (craniosacral therapy) John Barnes, (myofascial release) Tara Brach, (mindfulness meditation teacher) and Matt Kahn (author and empathic healer)

48:40 Accepting ourselves…

50:48 The flexibility being an entrepreneur affords.

54:35 Suffering leads to your purpose and the path you are meant to follow.

56:40 How pain affects mental/emotional health.

1:01:05 Resources to develop your own knowledge regarding holistic health:

1:04:14 Balance is key for maintaining health and happiness – how Jamilah stays grounded for life and business.

1:14:29 Pain is not gain. -Jamilah and giving people the space to just be.

1:18:02 Get in touch with the divine, listen, and find your own answers. How bodywork leads to mindfulness and self-acceptance.

Learn more about Jamilah and A Healing Touch on their website, Facebook page, and book a service here

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