Episode 13: You are More Than Your Body

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Do you battle with body image issues and feel like no matter what you do, you cannot lose weight/change the way you look? I know many of you struggled with body image during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic due to being at home more, eating out of boredom, and just feeling thrown out of routine. I’ve been there!

Due to quarantine, I was not able to do my regularly scheduled podcast interview for the month of April, but instead I felt called to put out this guided meditation as a reminder that YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR BODY. It is easy to get stuck in wishing our bodies to be a certain way, but believing it is just not who we are.

As kids, we use our imaginations to be whatever we want to be. But as we grow older, we start telling ourselves stories of who we are and they become deeply embedded into our subconscious and guide our actions. Maybe the issue isn’t your body, but the stories you are telling yourself. With this meditation, you will become more aware of the thoughts getting in your way of living a life of honor and respect towards yourself.

This episode will help you become more aware, during and after the podcast, of how you might be able to change your mindset towards living the healthy and vibrant life you dream of. It’s time to come from a place of love, kindness, and compassion to step into this highest version of you.

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