Episode 12: Little Dipper Yoga + Therapeutic Bodywork

An interview with Kate Block of Little Dipper Yoga + Therapeutic Bodywork. Listen to this episode within the browser below OR via any major podcast streaming app here.

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Kate and I met due to both of us attending Mindful Vinyasa School of Yoga. Although we attended at different times, the school drew us both in for a reason. I knew that since MVSY resonated with her as well, she’d be an awesome guest to feature. So we sat down for a little chat and now we have an episode for you all to enjoy!

:32 Why Kate chose Mindful Vinyasa School of Yoga for yoga teacher training

3:26 Why the name “Little Dipper?”

7:52 Massage and bodywork training Kate received through the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education (NITE)

10:16 How Kate’s training at NITE helps her as a yoga teacher

13:26 Kate’s approach to teaching yoga based on “goal sensation” and feeling what you intend

Jason Crandell – power yoga, anatomy, mindfulness,  Jules Mitchell – biomechanics, Bernie Clark – Yin yoga

 16:12 Why Kate chooses to teach this way and how it empowers her and her students

20:56 How acupressure changed her life and resulted in her leaving her grad program to start at NITE: switched the direction of her career from a biology degree to a therapeutic bodywork certification and improved her physical quality of life!

26:15 Why she started her own practice offering therapeutic bodywork

26:44 How her bio experience in grad program provided valuable critical thinking skills and helped her understand how to read scientific research in her practice today

27:37 How Kate transitioned from working three jobs to solely running Little Dipper

28:30 Why and how Kate decided she was ready to add yoga to her list of offerings

32:45 What does Kate offer through Little Dipper? Bodywork therapy, yoga, & heart sessions explained

Moshe Daniel Block – how to speak with your clients to help them become more aware – canadian naturopath – inspired her heart sessions

Empowered Yoga & Bodywork Program – monthly yoga & bodywork session

37:15 How Kate’s services interplay and bring greater awareness of mind + body to her students and clients

40:20 Why feeling aligned and being true to yourself is more than just feeling good in your physical body

41:45 How Kate delivers a uniquely tailored service(s) for her clients’ physical and emotional needs

46:33 Why Kate believes in NOT upcharging for deep tissue and/or essential oils for the highest good of her clients

48:37 How do you feel the movement of energy during bodywork sessions? Does it differ from Reiki?

51:23 Kate’s biggest challenges as a business owner and how outsourcing has been SO valuable to her so she can stay in her “zone of genius” in business and LIFE

55:27 Why “Fuck the Hustle” is an important mantra to remember to as a business owner so you can honor yourself as a human, too

1:01 Kate’s favorite parts of being a business owner

1:05 What skills Kate uses to separate the emotions and energy of her clients with her own

1:06:20 Kate’s day-to-day and how she’s learned boundaries are SO important

1:09:04 The best thing Kate has EVER done for her business

1:11 The freedoms experienced as a business owner

1:16 Yoga Series and Spark Yoga class were cancelled due to Covid-19 (keep an eye out on Kate’s Facebook page which is the first place events are published/announced)

1:17:54 Resources she recommends to others: The Enneagram Personality Test – Kate discovered 8 years ago, self-discovery tool – The Complete Enneagram. Bernie Clark – Your Body, Your Yoga. Your Spine, Your Yoga. Brene Brown or Glennon Doyle. 

1:20:18 Find Little Dipper at The Wellness Collective in Grand Rapids, MI. Schedule via email at: kate@thisislittledipper.com or go to her website to learn more http://thisislittledipper.com Find her on Facebook and Instagram at @LittledipperGR 

1:22:38 How Kate has learned that vulnerability is a super power

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